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We all know that traders are always looking for fruitful webinars to stay updated with the knowledge and trading trend. But most of traders are not full time, so how can we manage time to join? Today we want to share the list for Asia traders, thanks to Interactive Brokers, who has recently done a great job to upgrade traders capacity.  This will also fit with current situation when the Corona Virus outbreak is still impacting globally, let's consider it an opportunity to explore more knowledge online.


1. Webinar #1: Asset Allocation: Incorporating and Data Driven Indicator


A robust asset allocation process is crucial to withstand turbulent markets and optimize returns in the long term. In this session, strategists at Ned Davis Research and Covenant Capital will share their current global economic outlooks and how to construct an ETF based asset allocation portfolio using data-driven macro indicators and signals.





Covenant Capital  ft. Ned Davis Research

Josh Le, CFA, Portfolio Manager, Covenant Capital
Alejandra Grindal, Senior International Economist, Ned Davis Research
Brian Sanborn, CFA, Sr. VP, Wealth Management Solutions, Ned Davis Research
April 16, 2020 8:00pm Singapore

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2. Webinar #2: How Automated Trading Can Help Improve your Portfolio


Between the increasing presence of social media and the accelerated dissemination of information, there are more factors influencing markets than ever before. This onslaught of communication makes it both more difficult and more important for traders to stay disciplined and stick to their trading plans. In this webinar we want to discuss how automation can help by following the traders' plan round-the-clock without the influence of human emotion or bias.


​​​Green Trader Tax

How Automated Trading Can Help Improve your Portfolio

Tom RozenvasserCapitalise
April 21, 2020 12:00pm EDT


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3. Webinar #3: Gaining the Edge Understanding Market Dislocations


The recent pandemic has had a shocking impact on global economies. In this session, CME external educator Thomas Poh, will discuss the importance for investors to identify signs of market dislocations and why you should adopt a holistic approach towards analyzing this turbulent market. Join in to hear the following topics:

  • What is going on in the market? What is market dislocations?

  • Importance of monitoring market dislocations and implications to your trading plan

  • Examples of market dislocation - past and present

  • Measures implemented to close the dislocations

  • How to leverage these implications into your trading plan





Gaining the Edge Understanding Market Dislocations

Thomas Poh, Founder and Managing Director, PZH Consultants
May 04, 2020 4:00pm Singapore


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4. Webinar #4: The Crude State


The end of the year 2019 was not so bad for the global crude oil markets. The phase one trade deal between China and the US, expectations of a gradual global economic recovery, regular monetary stimulus from various economies throughout the year and the OPEC+ deal were all reasons to cheer. However, the coronavirus and the resulting renewed fears of demand destruction have put increased pressure on the crude oil markets. We examine the current state of the global crude oil market and what could be in store for 2020.



The Crude State

Nitesh BansalGlobal Head of Commodities Research
Futures First Academy
May 13, 2020 4:00pm IST


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TraderMustRead ft. IBKR


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