REVIEW AVATRADE Q2 2020 (PART 2: Trading service, platforms, deposits & withdrawal)

Time reader: REVIEW AVATRADE Q2 2020 (PART 2: Trading service, platforms, deposits & withdrawal)

Trading service at AvaTrade

  • Forex: 50 currency fairs, including main currency pairs and exotic pairs – combined of a main currency with a currency of an emerging economy or from a small economic.
  • Metals: gold, silver, cooper, platinum, palladium.
  • Energies: raw oil, natural gas, gasoline.
  • Agricultural products: lots of agricultural and commodity available including: corn, wheat, coffee, cotton…
  • Indices: 20 popular indices, including DAX30, NASDAQ 10, S&P 500…
  • Stocks: more than 20 popular stocks in US & UK markets including: Apple, Adidas, Coco Cola, Google, Facebook…
  • Bonds: Government bonds of US, Europe and Asia.
  • Cryptocurrency: most popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcpoin Cash, Ethereum, EOS, NEO…

AvaTrade: trading platforms

Ava Trade is among the short list of forex brokers that provide multiple platforms. Besides MT4 and MT5 which are the most popular trading platforms over the world, Ava Trade also has it owned platforms with unique functions, seem to meet all demands of traders.

  • MT4 and MT5 are 2 platforms which are used by most traders today. MT5 was launched later, developed some more functions such as integrating economic calendar, Auto chartist, technical signs and more time frame, especially MT 5 provides a wonderful platform for stocks trading. MT4 and MT5 are also used on computers, mobiles and web browser.
  • Ava Trade Go, only available on mobile.
  • Ava Options: Ava Trade designed Ava Options to support traders on option trading for some certain currency pairs and metals. AvaOptions are used on both computers and mobile.

2 social trading platforms are DupliTrade and ZuluTrade, new traders can create accounts and link with these 2 platforms so to choose the suitable trading strategies that are designed in advance or follow the strategies of successful traders.


For platform on web browsers of AvaTrade, traders can completely manage multiple accounts, proceed margin trading and surely get full support when trading on these platforms.

You can refer more about AvaTrade here


Deposits and Withdrawals at AvaTrade


Ava Trade only accepts 4 deposit methods including Via/Master Cards, Wire Transfer, Skrill and Netteller. No fee is applied for both deposit and withdrawal.


It is simply that you will withdraw by the way you deposit, the maximal amount of withdrawal will be 200% of the deposit amount, the rest will be withdrawn by another method. For example: you deposit 100 USD via Visa, you trade and get a profit of 150 USD, then total amount in your account will be 250 USD, so if you want to withdraw all, in such case, 200 USD will be withdrawn by Visa and 50 USD will be withdrarn in another way.


Note: Ava Trade do propose protion for new traders, but only apply for those who deposit more than 1000 USD. If you deposit 1000 USD, you will get a bonus of 200 USD, deposit 2000 USD with get 400 USD bonus, the more you deposit, the more bonus you get. And this amount will be for trading, not allowed to be withdrawn.




To withdraw successfully at Ava Trade, you must verify your account. If your account is verified successfully, you can access withdrawal page and fill out the online form. Your withdrawal request will be proceeded with 24 hours. AvaTrade is complied with anti-money laundering policy like other brokers. That is why you must withdraw your money by the same way when you deposit. In case you use credit card, you have to withdraw 200% of the money you deposit by this card before using another way to withdraw the remaining amount. In case you want to make a saving from your withdrawal money with a third party, there would be at least 100% of your deposit amount to be withdrawn by the way you deposit.


Like when you deposit, the awaiting time of withdrawal depends on the method you use. In most of the cases, your request will be proceeded with 1-2 working days. After proceeding, electronic money withdrawal can take up to 24 houes, if you use credit card, it could take to 5 working days and bank transfer could take up to 10 working days, depend on the bank you choose and its country base.


AvaTrade, customers service


Overall, AvaTrade has multiple customer support channels including live chat, hotline following your country. You can also choose “Contact Us” so you can fill out a form with your question or direct you to a hotline in your respective country.


It will not take much time for you to talk with your representative in your country or regions. Overall, we do see a high professionalism from AvaTrade customer support team.


One more important point we see is that AvaTrade has pgysical office across regions. It means you can absolutely visit their office and talk to anyone you want, depends on your personal trading demand.


You can also definitely access AvaTrade support page with FAQ, you can refer to it before making any phone call or send a form, email to customer service team. They understand you well, so they already prepare it, just for you.


You can refer more about AvaTrade here

Here is a summary of pros and cons of AvaTrade.


  • Transparent profile with clear information, licensed by trustworthy organizations across continentals.
  • Various products seem to meet all demands of traders, no matter who you are, a new trader or an experienced one.
  • Diversified trading platform, stable, smooth operation.
  • Traders’ deposits are hold in separated account to enhance security.
  • No commission fee for any of your trading. This is the most competitive advantage of AvaTrade, you will only bear spread, that is like other brokers.
  • Support in more than 20 languages.


  • High minimal deposit, not suitable with new traders with limited budget at the beginning.
  • Low maximal leverage, just up to 1:400, while there is broker could offer up to 1:2000.
  • Limited deposit and withdrawal methods, long lead time for proceeding.

So overally, here is our suggestion. If you are a new trader, please create your demo account with AvaTrade and practice trading and improving your trading knowledge in 21 days. Once this time is up, you should open your standrad account and start your real trading journey. We always with you huge succes.

You can create an AvaTrade account by following the box below:


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