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Founded in 1998, Alpari has always been the first choice of every trader because of its reputation and its large capitalization. As the forex broker with the largest number of customers worldwide, over 2 million customers trusted in Alpari. So what activities and characteristics have this broker had over the past 20 years and attracted a large number of customers interested in trading with it? Let's go through this article to better understand.


Alpari is linking with top Forex online newspaper


At Alpari market information is provided as quickly as possible to all traders through links to specialized news and forex events such as Fxstreet and Fxwirepro Newswires. If you are a fundamentalist you will understand that in the market who knows the fastest information is the winner. Transparency is evident when at the same time or at any place in the world, Alpari provides information immediately.


Stable trading platform


Currently, the company offers to investors the 4 most advanced trading platforms: MT4, MT5, Alpari mobie and Alpari invest. Trading platforms with the latest technology bring the best performance to every trader around the globe, even for very small trade volume. Traders who have used the platform will have access to the transaction status without delay, the network signal is extremely stable and consumes less space. More specifically, Alpari also has mobile applications for traders who want to keep track, or investors with almost no transaction time can participate in Alpari forms of investment. In general, in terms of technology, you will find it very impressive if you have access and practical experience.


Various accounts, especially having ECN account


At Alpari, the accounts are divided very logically and are suitable for all traders. If you are a non-professional trader, you do not care too much about spreads or supporting features, then Nano or Standard accounts will be an easy choice because these types of accounts do not have or ask very little about the minimum deposit amount.


Traders can easily test and enjoy all the features and support from the broker even though your amount is only $ 1. Among professional traders, they will often assess the reputation of the forex broker through which the broker has an ECN account. What is an ECN account? ECN: Electronic Communication Network is an electronic communication network used to transfer Buy / Sell financial instruments of retail customers, banks and brokers to the market. The main advantage of using ECN is that the client's order is transferred directly to the market without the intervention of a broker. Beyond the standard account features such as market matching, no re-quotes, unable to interfere with customer orders and many liquidity providers;  These have made ECN accounts become hunted by traders and they only trade with the brokers who are able to provide ECN account. Alpari provides a full range of accounts for its traders to optimize profitability when participating in the market.


Many programs for busy traders


If you do not have enough time to identify, analyze and monitor the market but still want to create a source of passive income. Rest assured, Aplari has provided you with PAMM investment, allowing you to invest in the form of capital contribution and profit passively. Your job is simply to find a Master with stable investment performance, credibility and safety through actual trading results. When you have finished selecting, you only need to monitor and manage the rest. Alpari has the cooperation with the best trading masters and the broker is tasked with mediating the control and distribution of profits to both parties. If you are a successful trader why don't you think of becoming Alpari's master? You have made a profit for yourself but spread it to other traders who follow you.


Many attractive competitions


Alpari organizes competitions for every trader around the world. Not only limited to real traders, the broker is very interested in demo accounts, because they know there are many good traders out there but they have not had the opportunity to show themselves because they do not have the capital. If successful in the demo competition, you can own real money up to thousands of dollars in cash.



Limited of withdrawal methods compared to the dynamic young brokers, especially Exness. This is probably a small drawback for Alpari, but the withdrawal methods here are very credible. All customers can be assured that the money they are withdrawing will return to the bank account after a maximum of 3 working days.




Over 20 years of operation in the financial sector, Alpari has become the largest forex broker in the world, serving 2 million customers daily with modern platform features. This is worthy of being a place every trader


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