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Trading software provided by FBS


Currently, FBS offers 3 main trading platforms: MT4 software, MT5 software and FBS trader software developed by FBS itself.




This is inherently the default software that every forex broker must have. Therefore, traders are almost familiar and know how to use it.


In addition to supporting the necessary tools, automatic trading integration, FBS also supports many different versions for MT4 such as: trading on Web, MT4 Multiterminal, desktop versions with Windows and MAC OS, as well as mobile versions for iOS or Android.


Basic features of MT4 provided by FBS:

  • Trading directly on the Web
  • All types of trading orders with just one click
  • 30 indicators for technical analysis
  • 9 time frames, from one minute to a month
  • Real time quotes
  • Contains transaction history and diary
  • Trading through Expert Advisors (you can build or upload yourself)



MT5 is a newer version designed to replace MT4. Therefore, MT5 even strongly improves some of the existing MT4 disadvantages. In addition to supporting all the features contained in MT4, MT5 is also integrated to extend more indicators, multiple time frames and technical analysis drawing tools. Similar to MT4, FBS MT5 also has full support for: WebTrader version, desktop versions with MAC OS and Windows PC operating system and 2 mobile operating systems iOS and Android.



Basic features of MT5 provided by FBS:

  • Basic and technical analysis tools.
  • Can trade automatically
  • Market Depth feature (with markup charts and real-time information)
  • Support of all types of trading orders and a variety of execution modes.
  • Can open 100 different charts at the same time.
  • 21 time frames, from one minute to one month.

FBS Trader


This is an exclusive developed FBS software, similar to xStation provided by XTB. Therefore, in addition to trading with MT4 or MT5 you can use FBS Trader because they are simpler and easier to use.



In addition, FBS Trader also provides many details for you to easily track such as: contract type; transaction volume; current buying / selling volume; profit information and stop loss. And the application is completely free so you can download to experience, enjoy the professional services provided by FBS.


FBS CopyTrade Platform


Of course, FBS does have this social trading platform. Simply, this is a form of copying orders from the leading traders in the FBS copy community. Your job is to just look for a reputable trader, based on the trading history, or the information provided by FBS to evaluate that trader. After choosing, depositing money into an account, want to copy any trader 's order, just click track, when that trader trades, the order will also be copied to your account, according to the amount of money you have to avoid the loss which is higher than your account balance.


This method is suitable for new traders who are too busy or do not have much financial knowledge. With just one click, choose the person you want to copy and you can generate income for yourself, and learn how to analyze orders from the trader you choose. It's worth a try once!


Resources provided by FBS


Analysis by FBS


You might be surprised when we say that FBS is providing many analysis that can support its traders. But indeed, FBS is a very dedicated broker, besides providing market news, it also provides technical analysis and basic analysis from experts of FBS.


That’s why we could say that FBS is really a forex broker suitable for most new traders today.



To view the trading plans provided by FBS, select "Analysis and training" and go to "Daily Market Analysis", you will see two main types of analysis: technical analysis and basic analysis. Basic analysis, making forecasts about currency pairs. These should be considered as a reference source to identify price trends and trading plans for the pairs you want.


In addition to the analysis, FBS also supports the video format so traders can listen to the analysis anytime they want.


You can refer to the technical analysis in video format here.


In addition to the above two types of resources, FBS also offers free books for new traders, just enter your email address and you will receive books for free:



You see, FBS is the forex broker who has high dedication for new traders right?

Trading products and leverage at FBS


Basic information about trading products and leverage provided by FBS:

  • 37 currency pairs including 9 rare currency pairs and 28 other forex currency pairs enjoying maximum leverage of 1: 3000
  • Offers 4 metals including gold and silver with leverage of 1: 333, Palladium and platinum with leverage of 1: 100
  • CFD: 5 CFDs with 1: 100 leverage
  • Stocks: 33, with 1:10 leverage

To be honest, the number of products traded at FBS is quite limited. But all are key so there would be high liquidity for all the products you trade with FBS.


In addition, there is another point about the leverage provided by FBS. Basically, the highest leverage FBS provides is 1: 3000. However, according to the rules from FBS itself to enjoy this leverage, your deposit must be less than 200 USD. If you deposit over USD 200 and under USD 2,000 you will enjoy 1: 2000 leverage. If the deposit amount reaches 4999 USD, you will receive leverage of 1: 1000.


Thus, the more you deposit the lower the level of leverage will be. In particular, in order to minimize risks when traders place orders over the week (orders are not closed on Friday, they are hold), FBS has a policy of reducing leverage or changing margin to avoid risks for traders. 


This can be frustrating for many traders who love high leverage trading. However, leverage is a double-edged sword, the greater the leverage trade, the greater the risk. Even many brokers like ICMarkets only give a maximum leverage of 1: 500, products like cryptocurrencies only enjoy extremely low leverage of 1: 5. So with what FBS gives here, it just wants the brokers to be the safest on margin trading capital.


If you want to open an account with FBS, please click on the below:



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