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FBS provides 5 main types of accounts for customers including: Cent account, Micro account, Standard account, Zero Spread account and ECN account.


Similar to many other forex brokers like Exness or ICMarkets, FBS provides trading accounts on both MT4 and MT5 software. In particular, MT4 will have 5 types of accounts, while MT5 will only have 2 types of accounts: Cent and Standard. If you want to trade stocks and CFDs, you should choose to open a Cent and Standard account of MT5.



Cent Account

• Minimum deposit amount: $ 1

• Spread: float from 1 pip

• Commission Fee: $ 0

• Maximum leverage: 1: 1000


This is the type of account in Cent units of the US dollar. Therefore, when depositing 1 USD, your account will have 100 Cent, similar if depositing 10 USD will have 1,000 cents. And you will use this Cent to trade at FBS, instead of USD like other types of accounts.


So, what are the benefits for new traders?


Experience the feel of trading in the real market, as well as helping you survive longer in the forex market!


Since trading by accounts is based on Cent, you will not need to deposit too much, only 10 USD is enough. And with the amount of 10 USD (equivalent to VND 230,000), you can access the real market, experience the emotions, the trading market like other accounts, to enhance your experience, understand the psychology of every order you made.


In addition, because it is a Cent account, the risk factor will be significantly reduced compared to the USD account. Thus, even if trading for only 10 USD, it still makes you feel like you are trading a lot. So you will not feel that the amount of 10 USD is too small, thus stimulating trading ability, improving your experience even further.


Micro account

  • Minimum deposit amount: $ 5

  • Spread: fixed from 3 pips

  • Commission Fee: $ 0

  • Maximum leverage: 1: 3000


As mentioned before, it seems that FBS is doing very well in reaching new traders. So, at FBS there are 2 types of accounts for newbies, in addition to Cent account, there is also Micro account.


Unlike Cent account, Micro account requires a minimum capital of 5 USD or more, but in return you will receive higher leverage equivalent to 1: 3000. And most importantly, you will enjoy fixed spread instead of floating spread like other types of accounts.


Fixed spread is the type of spread that even at times of volatility or when the market is quiet. Therefore, at any time the trader can calculate the transaction costs for an order execution. However, it is also because the spread is almost "invariant" at all times, so the fixed spread is always quoted higher than the floating spread. And as you can see, FBS is not exceptional, the spread for this account type is up to 3 pips. Therefore, please consider to choose the account type that suits you best.


Standard account

  • Minimum deposit amount: $ 100

  • Spread: float from 0.5 pips

  • Commission Fee: $ 0

  • Maximum leverage: 1: 3000


This is probably the right account for the majority of traders when trading at FBS. In addition to enjoying super high leverage up to 1: 3000, the minimum deposit is only USD 100 or more. Not only that, the spread is only from 0.5 pip,  a very attractive spread, accompanied by a commission of 0.



In addition, this is also the type of account available for the MT5 software, provided by FBS. Therefore, if you want to trade stocks or CFDs, this is definitely the type of account for you.


Zero Spread account

  • Minimum deposit amount: $ 500

  • Spread: float from 0 pips

  • Commission fee: $ 20 / lot

  • Maximum leverage: 1: 3000


Although FBS has offered incentives for Zero Spread account types such as extremely low floating spreads from 0 pips, with high leverage up to 1: 3000. But with a commission of up to $ 20 / lot combined with a relatively high minimum deposit of $ 500 or more, this is really not the type of account that many traders choose.


ECN account

  • Minimum deposit amount: $ 1,000

  • Spread: float from -1 pip

  • Commission Fee: $ 6

  • Maximum leverage: 1: 500

  • Product offers: 25 forex currency pairs


The last type of account is also the only type of ECN account provided by FBS is the ECN account (the above account types are STP accounts).


The key benefits of ECN accounts are only commission is applied, the spread is always super low, determined by the market. So as you can see, FBS charges commission for this type of account for only 6 USD / lot, an extremely low fee with super low floating spreads, not 0 pips like many broker but -1 pip, completely suitable for traders who like to trade scalping.


However, the biggest drawback of this type of account is that FBS offers only 25 forex currency pairs. This means that if you want to trade precious metals, or stocks or CFDs you are required to open other types of accounts. In addition, the minimum deposit from 1,000 USD or more is also slightly higher than the common amount required by other forex ECN brokers.


So, which account should trader choose when trading with FBS?


If you are new, the Cent account is probably the most suitable account for you to practice trading. Because trading with your own money and the market fluctuates in real time, it will be very different than when trading with a demo account. As a result, you will learn more if you open this trading account.

In addition, we think that the Standard account will be the second type of account suitable for all traders trading at FBS. Of course, because FBS has many different types of accounts, you can choose different types of accounts, which suits you best, without having to consult us.

If you would like to open an account, please click on the below:


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