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Commission and Spread at FBS




FBS spreads have 2 types: floating and fixed. Generally depending on the type of account, there will be different spreads. Among the accounts with the lowest spread, the most impressive is the ECN account with spread from -1 pips. The account having the highest spread is the Micro account, which is also the account offered by FBS in the form of fixed spread, always stable in all market conditions, so the spread will be higher than with other accounts.


Commission fee


Only ECN and Zero Spread accounts are commissioned by FBS. The remaining accounts are not applied with such fee.


However, the commission fee for Zero account is 20 USD / lot, too high, while only 6 USD / lot is applied for ECN account, an extremely attractive amount compared to many other brokers. Therefore, if you want to enjoy low spread, at only 6 USD / lot, ECN account is the right choice for you.


To see more details about the product, spread over the night you can see more here.


Deposit and withdrawn at FBS


FBS allows traders to deposit and withdraw money with a variety of options such as: Neteller, Perfect Money, Skrill, as well as via local bank cards or Visa cards. Currently, FBS is supporting withdrawals through many local banks in its country of operation which is quite convenient for traders. Besides, there are some electronic wallets that are loved and used by many traders such as Neteller, Perfect Money, Skrill.



We can withdraw money very quickly and conveniently. Compared to Exness, perhaps FBS is the second forex broker that handles fast transactions just like "rocket speed."

Promotion programs at FBS


FBS is the forex broker who is spending the most on bonus today. Many of FBS's Bonus programs are highly engaged by the trader community, so it is understandable that FBS attracts a number of new traders to join. The most popular FBS bonus program today includes:


Trade 100 Bonus


The program name tells it all, with this type of Bonus, after registration you will receive 100 USD to trade in real time and if the transaction is profitable you can fully withdraw that profit (maximum 100 USD).


So what are the requirements to receive a bonus from FBS's Trade 100 Bonus?

  • Must trade on MetaTrader 5 platform

  • Trading volume is 0.01 lot

  • The maximum amount that can be withdrawn is USD 100

  • Trading day is 30 days (trading day is the day on which order is opened or closed)

  • The maximum number of open positions at the same time is 5 orders

  • Minimum trading volume to receive prizes: at least 5 lots are traded during a 30 day active period.


In fact, the bonus claim for this type of account has changed a little bit compared before. However, the trade bonus 100 is only suitable for traders who are new, can participate to practice trading, experience in real time, or those traders who are intending to change the broker. Because in order to reach a volume of 5 lots with an order size of just 0.01 lots, with a maximum of 5 open positions per trade, you must be really patient to be able to get bonuses from FBS.


You can refer to the information of Trade Bonus 100 here.


Deposit Bonus 100%


This is the program in which you double the deposit about after doing so.




This is probably the easiest bonus offered by FBS, simply understood as a cashback program for traders. So your job is to deposit money and start trading, then with each lot of your trade, you will be returned up to 15 USD depending on the pair you trade. You only need to log in to your personal area to activate this promotion.


Free overnight fee (Swap fee) at FBS


In fact, this is not a promotion offered by FBS. However, it is quite interesting so we mention here for your reference.


Swap fee is the fee you must pay if you keep an order overnight. This fee is available at every forex broker, and also depends on the currency pair.


Actually, compared to the fee of many other forex brokers, FBS overnight charge is very comfortable. But more importantly, FBS also has a free overnight mechanism. This is really useful when you trade rare metals like gold, or want to make a long-term trading plan, these fees will be 0 USD. This will help to reduce costs and ultimately make more profit.


Currently this program is not automatically free, so if you want, you have to email the FBS support team at: with a free Swap request, and provide FBS with some information as below:

  • The MT4 account number you want to receive free swap

  • Your name / Email you have registered

  • Two sides of ID card or Passport you used to verify your account

Important note: This free Swap program does NOT apply to Forex Exotic, CFD and ECN currency pairs.

Trader support at FBS


FBS is probably one of the most reputable forex brokers supporting its traders in operating country. In addition to building a website dedicated for traders in that country, FBS also has a friendly and enthusiastic support team. Therefore, you absolutely feel secure when encountering any problems that occur, by contacting the support team in various forms like phone, email, live chat.


As mentioned from the beginning, FBS seems to be a forex market established for new traders. So this broker has a strategy to support new traders, in addition to having a strategy of analyzing specific currency pairs, FBS also has a Callback function for traders. That really make FBS stand out of the market.


This means that you only need to provide your phone number, the time you want to be called by FBS, and what you need advice. Then in the time frame you want, the support staff will call you, and support you everything you need.


So in addition to chatting directly with FBS on the homepage, you can use this chat to ask FBS staff for any kind of assistance.


Pros and Cons summary for FBS



  • Supports a variety of flexible methods of deposit and withdrawal

  • There are many types of accounts for traders to choose, suitable for many different types of traders

  • Dedicated professional customer support

  • Great leverage

  • Quick deposit and withdrawal

  • The procedure for registering an account is extremely simple


  • No cryptocurrency

  • Trading products are still quite limited

  • Some types of accounts have fairly high spreads

  • Lack of certificates from reputable European regulatory agencies such as FCA



For new traders, they usually don't have too many requests, they just need a good support team to support them anytime they need, for both simple and complex questions. And FBS has done a great job of this. Therefore, FBS is chosen by a large number of traders, especially new traders. You can choose FBS if you are new to forex trading, with lots of suports and resources that FBS provides to traders. They are very useful for new traders to gain trading experience and manage risk. Good luck!


If you want to open an account with FBS, please click on the below:



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