REVIEW BROKER FOREX: EXNESS Q1 2020 (PART 3: Leverage, Commission Fee & Spread)

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Exness: Leverage


Exness is one of the brokers having highest leverage today. For accounts with MT4, the leverage will be from 1: Infinity while accounts with MT5 will have leverage 1:2000.


This is considered a very strong advantage that indicates that Exness really understand trader’s behavior, especially traders who are in Asia. And because of this strength, Exness is now attracting traders at different age groups, across Asia and other continentals.


But please remember that although the highest leverage that Exness provides is 1: Infinity but depends on which products and how much deposit you make, there would be different leverage.


Following that, if you deposit less than 1000 USD, you can enjoy leverage 1: Infinity. If you deposit from 1000 USD to 2999 USD, the maximum leverage would be 1:2000. If you deposit from 3000 USD to 9999 USD, you will only enjoy leverage 1:1000.


In short, the more you deposit, the lower your leverage would be. Besides, different products will have different leverages, such as:

  • Leverage of cryptocurrency is fixed at 1:100 for these pairs: BTCUSD, BTCKRW, BTCJPY; and 1:20 for these pairs: LTCUSD, BCHUSD, ETHUSD và XRPUSD.
  • Leverage for share group is fixed at 1:20
  • Leverage for indices is fixed at 1:100

You can refer more information about leverage provided by Exness here


Besides, if you execute an action at the point of time that the news is just released, Exness also has some certain requirement: “ From 15 minutes before key economic news is released, to 5 minutes after, a deposit requirement applied for new executions with tools being impacted by the released news, will be applied with the leverage of 1:200. After this period, the deposit for these execution statuses will be recalculated based on the amount of money in your account and selected leverage.”


Exness: Spread


Spread of Exness is very low, especially for Zero Spread account, you can enjoy the spread at 0 for 30 different products in 95% trading time. This is a very competitive spread that very limited other brokers could offer now.


Exness commission fee


Commission fee is applied for 2 accounts: Zero Spread account and Raw Spread account from 7 USD and above, with Raw Spread account, this is the fixed commission fee. And for Zero Spread account, the commission fee would be higher.


We will have a continuous article about the currency pairs and trading platforms that Exness is proposing to forex traders. Let's wait.



If you would like to open an Exness acount, please click on the box below.


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