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Trading software provided by HotForex


In addition to MT4 and MT5, HotForex has developed an HF App specifically for its traders. In particular, HotForex also provides a trading software called HotForex RapidTrader API, which helps define HotForex differently from other brokers, for high-class traders, which we will carefully discuss in later session.


MT4 provided by HotForex


Perhaps we do not need to talk much about MT4 anymore. This is a bridge between traders and forex market, without them, traders will never be able to participate in forex trading. Therefore, being a trader, you have to know MT4. But of course, we will talk about MT4 for new traders in another article.


HotForex develops MT4 on many different versions for traders to use such as: desktop computers running 2 operating systems Window and Mac OS, for web version, or 2 operating systems Android and iOS, even HotForex is also developed so that MT4 can be compatible with iPad.


The main features of MT4

• 9 different time frames

• Detailed analysis of price movements

• View multiple charts simultaneously

• Ability to overlay analysis objects

• Over 50 indicators and integrated tools


MT5 provided by HotForex


MT5 is essentially an improved version from MT4, so the "essences" of MT4 are retained, and the disadvantages of MT4 are modified in MT5. Therefore, at MT5 you will see the time frame, pending orders or technical analysis indicators are increased. In addition, this is also a software for traders to participate in trading the stocks provided by HotForex. Especially, HotForex also develops MT5 to be compatible with many different interfaces such as: desktop compatible with Window operating systems and Mac OS, website transactions, Android, iOS or iPad compatible tablet.


Ngoài ra, đây cũng là phần mềm để trader có thể tham gia giao dịch các loại cổ phiếu có trong HotForex, đặc biệt HotForex còn phát triển MT5 tương thích với rất nhiều các giao diện khác nhau như: máy tính để bàn tương thích hệ điều hành Window và Mac OS, giao dịch trên website, Android, iOS hoặc tương thích với máy tính bảng iPad.


Some typical MT5 features include:

• 21 different time frames

• Outstanding analytical tool

• Trade all property levels HotForex

• View up to 100 interactive charts

• Allow limits

• 1 click transaction

• Integrated economic calendar

• 80 technical indicators


MT4 MultiTerminal provided by HotForex


MultiTerminal is integrated by HotForex into MT4 software to manage multiple accounts at the same time with an extremely friendly interface with some advantages such as:


• Support for an unlimited number of trading accounts

• Manage transaction activities in real time

• Match a variety of orders

• Track price movement online

• Transaction history is viewable

• Easy to use MT4 interface


HotForex Rapid Trader FIX/API


We would say this is not a mere software, it is equivalent to one of the VIP services that HotForex wants to offer its traders. Therefore, to use HotForex RapidTrader API, the trader account must have at least 200,000 USD. And this amount is the security for the active account, which means the trader cannot withdraw if the balance is less than 200,000 USD.


So, what is the HotForex RapidTrader API that HotForex requires traders to retain that high balance?


HotForex Rapid Trader FIX / API (Application Programming Interface or Application Programming Interface) allows software applications, operating systems and servers to connect to each other. In Forex, CFDs and other financial instruments, the API allows the user interface system to connect to the platform's backend system via encrypted communication channels. This means that traders will not have to use the broker-provided platform (like MT4 or MT5) but will use a separate custom platform. As a result, traders can perform live price reviews or access market historical data through their dedicated user interface.


Who can use API?

  • Corporations, brokers, hedge funds and fund managers want to trade forex in real time
  • Companies integrate forex transactions into their treasury systems
  • Brokers hedge the forex risk of their equity positions
  • Traders create a user interface customized according to the HotForex fxTrade system

Thus, with a minimum deposit of at least $ 200,000, HotForex Rapid Trader FIX / API is not a software for the massive traders. If you want to develop proprietary trading models for your own you can refer to the API provided by HotForex.


Resources provided by HotForex


One of the things that makes us highly appreciated HotForex is that it not only provides the most advanced platform which are currently available, MT4 and MT5. And HotForex also researches and develops countless great works, extremely useful for traders.


These tools will assist traders a lot in their trading journey. In particular, for some normal tools traders, traders will have to pay a considerable amount of fee to use. But at HotForex, all are free, just register and activate the account successfully, you can use. So, what those resources does HotForex provide for traders?


Trading tool: Premium Trader


This is a resource developed by HotForex for traders on forex, in which traders will have full access to features such as:


TRADE TERMINAL: Professional trading and order matching tool.


MINI TERMINAL: is designed for traders who want to focus on a specific market which will display profit-taking orders in pips, calculate the size of lots compared to a certain amount. In addition, Mini Terminal is also possible to place orders quickly using small design windows below without necessarily opening the trading software.


CONNECT: provides bulletin boards and economic event calendars and information regarding deposit withdrawals, training materials, or webinar registration provided by HotForex.


SENTIMENT TRADER: Market sentiment data taken directly from FX Blue Labs helps traders see how many people are trading a currency pair.


SESSION MAP: Gives traders a quick overview of the market through time zones, and also displays an overview of price movements during the current or previous session.


ALARM MANAGER: A personal trading assistant informs you of a wide variety of information from account issues, prices, trading psychology to technical indicators, etc.


EXCEL RTD: Extract account data, coupons and prices in real time into Excel.


MARKET MANAGER: Provides full control over the icon tracking list and all activities of the account and order activities; All this information is provided through a very compact window but can summarize the entire price movement.


CORRELATION MATRIX: Provides market information across different time periods, helping to determine the strong or weak correlation of the lowest or highest high quickly.


CORRELATION TRADER: Allows correlation between two symbols, two price charts when placed side by side, along with the current open position and profit for each symbol.


TICK CHART TRADER:  Displays a series of updated stick chart styles when the selling or buying prices change The tool also allows super-fast entry using single clicks or keyboard shortcuts.


MT4 and MT5 INDICATOR PACKAGE: This indication package will provide traders with features such as: mini chart, pivot point, group chart, highest and lowest level, order history, Renko bar, Keltner Channel, Donchian Channel countdown candles, and draw sketch directly on the chart ... In general there are many different tools that you can refer to here. The more you refer, the more you get appreciated HotForex on how much they are investing to help your trading journey.


The Premium Trader tool is provided by HotForex free of charge to all traders who deposit USD 200 or more in 30 days. And to maintain the use of these features, the trading account must always have a minimum amount of 200 USD (bonuses will not be counted). That means you just need to maintain $ 200 in your account, you can absolutely use all the above features without paying any accompanying fees.


Autochartist tool


This is an extremely useful feature which helps to scan many trading tools in real time. This also helps to automatically identify the chart pattern and Fibonacci pattern for traders to identify visually and not to miss any trading opportunities.


If your account balance is always greater than or equal to 500 USD, you can completely use them for free at HotForex. Another forex broker that also allows you to use this feature without any account balance requirements, is the ICMarkets.


Exclusive analysis provided by HotForex


Traders will receive exclusive analysis from expert Stuart Cowell, an expert with more than 20 years in finance. In particular, Stuart Cowell also conducts daily analysis for traders to refer to currency pairs.

SMS Service provided by HotForex


If you want to update the market but do not have time to check, you can choose SMS service to receive market updates on your phone.

Traders Board


This tool allows you to follow market updates, identify the most important monetary dynamics. It also assesses market status by studying and analyzing trading volumes from the traders.



Auto Trading


HotForex allows investors to automate transactions through the use of signals (both free and paid) from the MQL5 Community, one of the largest copy trading communities in the world, by 1 account, a separate account called Auto Account.


Other tools:


Risk percentage calculation tool


Help traders calculate the size of the transaction, based on the amount that they want to trade to give the level of risk as well as other relevant parameters.


Multi-goal calculation tool


Allows traders to plan for positions to close in order to see a specific target gain as well as certain profit and loss.

Pivot point calculation tool


Identifies resistance and support levels after you enter the highest price, the lowest price, the closing and opening levels within a specific time frame.


Pip value calculation tool


Help traders calculate the value per pip for 1 currency pair, by entering the currency and the amount of transaction you want.


Calculation tool for Position Scale


Allows traders to control risk by calculating the position size you are opening.


Công cụ tính toán rủi ro và lợi nhuận


Tính toán kích thước lot thông qua thông số kỹ thuật về tỷ lệ phần trăm số dư mà bạn đã chuẩn bị để chịu rủi ro cũng như mở và dừng lỗ và cặp tiền tệ.


Risk and profit calculation tool


Calculate the lot size through specifications on the percentage of balance that you have prepared to take risks, as well as open and stop losses and currency pairs.


Fibonacci calculation tool


By entering the high and low prices, the traders can calculate the 4 key support and resistance zones based on different percentages, at 61.8%, 50%, 38.2%. and 23.8%.


There are also countless other features, you can see the full here. If you want to create an account, please click on the below:




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