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Are you looking for a popular forex trading? If so, Exness would be the most obvious trading for you. In a broad comparison with other forex trading, Exness does not have many outstanding strengths.


What we can consider about Exness, it would be a safe option for you as Exness has all services and platforms at moderate level. Although, Exness also has some special financial services like stocks or ETF, these also are popular stocks, not really diversified as other forex trading have.


Exness strategy is really suitable for Asia region, could be because their business leaders are mainly Asian. Per our observation, it seems that Exness can really understand Asian trading behaviors and can deliver what they need, especially for new trader. Therefore, although there are lots of forex brokers in Asia, Exness is emerging to be a leader in forex exchange trading market. So what does Exness have? What make Exness become differently? Lets together see.


The history of Exness

Although forex trading has been becoming so popular in recent few years. You will be absolutely surprised that Exness has been established for about 12 years, back to 2009, at St. Petersburg, Russia, by a group of financial experts who have the same vision and finance and technology.

You can refer more about Exness here


However, to become a leading forex broker as today, there is a milestone that Exness relocated its headquarters from Russia to the central of Europe, where is the economical hub and of the world, which you may know about WTO’s headquarter with Switzerland and old continental with mature financial market. Therefore, it could be a lever for Exness tremendous growth in later years and become one of the biggest forex brokers in the world. According to Exness financial report, up to December 2019, Exness monthly trading volume reached $ 325,8 Bil and Exness number of active traders worldwide is already over 72.721. It is impressive and trustworthy, especially for new traders, right?

So, Exness is now a forex trading for traders across continentals and countries. Exness website now has 15 languages to serve traders with representative offices, not yet included its main office in Saint Vincent and Grenadines. Besides, Exness is really a huge financial corporation with many subsidiaries, could name one as Nymstar Limited, a well know stock company. It means Exness is not only very strong in forex trading, it is also very competitive in other financial services including stock markets.

Basic information about Exness that you must know before trading:

  • Established year: 2008
  • Headquarter: Siafi 1, Porto Bello Building, No. 401,3042, Limassol, Cyprus
  • Minimal deposit: $ 1
  • Maximum leverage: 1: Infinity
  • Copy Trade: Yes
  • Transaction: Credit Card, Neteller, Skrill, Internet Banking, Bitcoin, Ngan luong
  • Financial services that Exness provide: Forex exchange, Cryptocurrency, metals, energy, stocks, CFD, ETF
  • Forex trading software: MT4, MT5
  • Compatible windows: Windows, Mac, Web browser, Android and iOS

Which organization are endorsing Exness?

One of the most critical aspects that ensures the credibility and safety of a forex trading is the organization which certifies and licenses for that forex trading.


We strongly ask new traders to pay special attention to this aspect. You must work with a forex trading which is licensed, to avoid any kinds of risks for your account. It is simply because once you open an account, deposit your money, then the forex trading would be a one who proceed all the actions as well as hold the key of your money cabinet. So, it you work with a forex trading who does not have good credit, they may hinder your money withdrawal, or the process will be taking too slowly due to its low liquidity.


For trustworthy financial management organization, they will consider liquidity is the most important factor when licensing for any forex trading company to be established. You can see FCA, they will usually ask forex brokers to have a separate account policy, in order to not use trader’s deposit to other purposes, especially private usage or illegal businesses. Besides, in some cases, the financial management organization also asks the forex brokers to have insurance for traders, then in case of bankruptcy, traders will receive certain reimbursement, according to that certain management organization.


Therefore, to retain high level of credibility, Exness already got licensed by 2 top financial management organizations which are FCA and CySec.Furthermore, Exness is also licensed by management organizations in Spain, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands and Germany so Exness could operate in these markets.

FCA Approval for Exnessrefer more here


Also, Exness is a member of reimbursement fund for trader (ICF). So traders will get an compensation up to EUR 20.000, or request a reimbursement up to 90% if Exness faces with any business isues.


Above all, as mentioned earlier, Exness has a separate account policy which is also controlled by FCA so traders’ deposits will be saved in one of the investment bank such as Barclays, Baltikums or OCBC.


This separate account policy not only proves Exness’ financial capacity and liquidity, but also helps to avoid the situation that the forex brokers use trader deposit to place a revert action with traders. This is ultimately hinder any risks or potential losses to traders.


Finally, another important point about the transparency and safety of Exness is that its financial reports are fully published on its website. These reports are made by Deloitte – one of the big 4 audit companies in the world. We trust you absolutely know this.

You can check all legal licenses of Exness here.


After all, we trust that you already have your just justification on why should choose Exness for your trading journey. We will have another article about what accounts that Exness is providing and their details. Let's wait.


If you would like to open an Exness acount, please click on the box below. 




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