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Trading service at Exness

Exness merely provide full financial services for you to choose, including:

  • Currencies: 107 currency pairs, in which provides 7 main currencies pairs; 25 normal currency pairs và 75 rare currency pairs.
  • Indicies: 10
  • Stocks: 30, including most popular stocks as Amazon, Alibaba Group, Apple, eBay, Facebook, Alphabet or Google…
  • Energies: Oil (2)
  • Cryptocurrency: 7 pairs in which there are 4 main cryptocurrency including: BTC, ETH, LTC and XRP
  • Metals:10, including 4 main metals: Gold, Silver, Platium and Palladium.

As we mentioned earlier, Exness is not providing too many products but we do think that they are enough for your trading. Let’s focus. Besides, as we know, Exness know well how to meet traders’ demand by providing some promotions for cryptocurrency. At the moment, all forex brokers have cryptocurrency, but there is only few brokers can support trader well as Exness.


The first point we need to mention is the very high leverage 1:100 for BTC, on par with some special cryptocurrency brokers as Bitmex. Besides, cryptocurrency at Exness will not bear SWAP fee.


This will be a big advantage for those who are trading BTC, because this pair is flutuated unprecendentedly, could be level-off in 1 or months. So, if you trader at other brokers, you will be lossing a considerate SWAP fee, for example, at ICMarkets,  overnight charge would be 20 USD/lot/night for both Buy and Sell, much higher compared to gold. Besides, at Exness, you can also trading cryptocurrency at 24/7, similar to traditional brokers (multiple brokers jointly add cryptocurrencies and forex, so they will be closed on Saturday and Sunday, not allowing traders to execute any cryptocurrency actions)


Exness: trading platforms


At the moment, Exness is providing enough tools for traders including: MT4, MT5, together with mobile apps to allow convenient executions whenever and wherever.


Especially, Exness has very good confidential policy, if your account has adnormal activities, it will lock your account and confirm the deposit source. This will sometimes make traders feel inconvenient and uncomfortable but it is a good way to protect your account, especially when internet transactions are now evolving in today world, traders’ accounts will be easily hacked than ever before.


Exness MT4:

  • Waiting executions that need support: Buy Stop, Sell Stop; Buy Limit, Sell Limit; Take Profit, Stop Loss
  • Multi support frames: 9 fixed frames.
  • Maximum leverage: 1: Infinity
  • Accounts to be supported: Standard Cent, Standard, Pro, Raw Spread, Zero và ECN
  • Configuration language: MQL4
  • Trading products: Forex pairs, metals, cryptocurrency, energies.

Exness MT5

  • Waiting executions that need support: Buy Stop, Sell Stop; Buy Limit, Sell Limit; Take Profit, Stop Loss; Buy Stop Limit, Sell Stop Limit
  • Multi support frames: 21 frames (fixed and flexible)
  • Maximum leverage 1: 2000
  • Account types: Standard, Pro, Raw Spread và Zero
  • Configuration language:MQL5
  • Trading products: forex pairs, metals, cryptocurrency, indcies, stocks.

So, when looking at these 2 trading platforms, you will see difference in terms of leverage, products, time frame and configuration language.


We want to remind you once more time: if you want to trade on stock market, you have to create your account on MT5.


Bascially, MT5 was improved from MT4 if MT5 will have some advantages such as: Exness provides more than 38 market alerts, 22 analysis and 46 designers for MT5. Twhile with MT4, Exness only provides 23 analysis tool and 30 technical suitable alerts.


Besides 4 basic waiting execution, at MT5, Exness still provides 2 other waiting executions: Buy Stop Limit, và Sell Stop Limit, there are so familiar with those who already traded cryptocurrency in ither brokers such ad Binance. Of course, both MT4 and MT5 are supported by Exness for mobile devices using 2 openratiing systems: iOS and Android.


WebTerminal Trading Platform

WebTerminal, a trading web platform of MetaQuotes, have all basic functions you need to trade effectively and can work on all web browsers and operating systems. It means, it is not necessary to download the trading software, you can still trade on web browser, because it is integrated all functions of MT4. However, remember, it is only integrated for MT4, it is not yet integrated for MT5.


You can refer more about Web terminal of Exness here

Therefore, you must know exactly your trading need then to select the right trading platform. If you are a new trader, so your trading should be mainly around some key forex pairs, metals, energies, you should choose MT4 because it is friendly and easy to use. On the other hand, if you want to trade stocks, indicies, multiple time frame with many different waiting executions, then MT5 will be the option.


Exness: Social Trading


Exness Social Trading was launched in March 2019. It is a service that allows to copy trading of experienced traders. This is an ideal service for those who want to trade forex but have limited experience or do not have much time for equipping knowledge and trading.


A very simple start: You only need to create an account, look for an experienced and successful trader and copy their trading strategies. If they can gain profits, you will also gain based on your investment.


We will have the last article about what deposits, withdrawals, customer service and other important facts about Exness. Let's wait.


If you would like to open an Exness acount, please click on the box below. 


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