REVIEW FOREX BROKER Q2 2020: EXNESS (PART 5: Deposits & Withdrawals & Conclusion)

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Deposits and Withdrawals at Exness

Exness allows traders to deposit and withdraw money 24/7, including Saturday and Sunday, very fast, in just 3-5 mins latest.


This could be considered the biggest advantage of Exness, no other broker could compete on this aspect. Why can they do it? Because Exness uses automatic financial process while other are using manually, so not only the speed is fast, but also transaction can be made during weekend.


Besides, Exness also support different deposit and withdrawal methods such as Neteller, Skrill, Visa, Ngan Luong and Internet Banking. As said earlier, because Exness system’s is automatic and instant, so when you deposit or withdraw, the transaction is conducted mediately and no fee is applicable.


Nevertheless, Exness also helps you to maximise your trading experience by allowing you to trading immediately right after you create an account while not requesting you to verify your identification or residential address.


According to Exness’s policy, for newly account, when you deposit an amount less than 2000 USD, trader does not need to verify identification, only need to register an account then you can trader right away.


If 45 day later the registration day, you have not still finished verification (including identification and residential address), you can only withdraw the same amount of money you deposited and you can’t deposit anymore by any method and Exness will lock your account.


So, after 45 days of registration, you must verify your identification and address. This is a very good way of Exness to traders, because in reality, many traders find it complicated and difficulty when it comes to these verifications. Therefore, allowing traders to experience right after registering an account helps Exness connect and serve more traders, it also helps Exness become the biggest forex broker in recent years.


Exness customers service

We could say Exness has very strong customer service which can help you with any queries 24/7 with different languages. So, no matter who you are, a new trader or an very experience trader, you may face with a question during your trading journey, Exness is always there for you to propose a help.


Summary of pros and cons of Exness.



  • Registration process is very fast and simple. There would be some hours from the time of registration until verification finish. Even with Exness, if you deposit less than 2000 USD, you do not need to verify identification and can still trade.
  • Fast withdrawak, within 3-5 minues, especially Exness allows you to proceed transction during weekend which merely no other brokers can do the same now.
  • Very good spread, there is more than 30 items with spread at 0 in 95% trading time.
  • Minimal deposit: 1 USD
  • Friend customer service, professional and extremely fast.


  • When there is news released, spread will be high.
  • Double trading is sometimes requoted, especially usually happened with Standard Cent

Now you can see why there are many traders are now working with Exness? Actially, Exness used to be complained because of trading manipulation, unexpected execution close but all was solved well. So frankly speaking, Exness is a good and trustworthy broker.


Furthermore, we need to talk about the support for traders if there is a crisis. Back to the past few years, there was already many bad events/news which led to huge fluctuation of forex pairs, reduced thousands of pips, led to high inflation.  Prominently, there was a shock called Flash Crash related to CHF in 2015, led USDCF reduction of 1866 Pip in a very short time, make many traders broken or faced huge loss at this time.


No only traders, but also Switzerland Center Bank also informed a recorded loss of 51 Bil USD, this event also make some brokers difficult, and ignore responsibility. But then Exness was one the rare brokers having compensation solution for traders.


Actually, Exness already compensated 15 Bil USD for this huge reduction of CHF. Also, Exness compensated many other times when its system faced with issues,  for example DDOS in 2016. Or recently, in 2018, Exness also had issue with JPY. Instead of ignoring, Exness solved it professionally, compensated for all broken traders. While with traders who gained profits from JPY this time, their gain was still there and not withdrawn. Therefore, traders are still with Exness, and highly appreciated its professionalism, fast solution, then stay long with Exness.


In another overview article, we also said financial capacity is one of the most important factors, Exness has its strength on this. It always has at least 200 Mil USD deposited in another bank, separated with the one of Exness, this is 4 times of Exness deposit, used for compensating for traders if there is any issue happened.


Also, Exness is a very transparent broker. This is also another important fact, helps traders justify the financial ability of the broker, ensure it is safe for them when trading. Traders can know all information about trading volume, active traders, trader deposit or Exness capital funds.


In short, with all analysis above and in previous parts, we strongly believe Exness is good, safe and trustworthy for traders, especially new ones, with multiple supports and benefits.


If you would like to open an Exness acount, please click on the box below.


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