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We are a group of people who are investing heavily on forex trading. By understanding that all of us have a lot of options and face with risks when starting a trading journey. So, we are trying to consolidate and review all possible aspects to ensure all of us have a holistic view before getting started.


The market is changing every day hence it is critical to be up-to-date on the latest trends, contests, brokers comparison, fundamental and advanced trading knowledge. Also, getting experience shared by real traders around the world is crucial for those who have lesser experience. The site is designed to have 4 sub-elements to provide you all possible information that you MUST KNOW, including:



Having known that not of us – as a trader is aware that which brokers are performing in our respective country and what specific services they are providing. So, we provide a broker search function based on key criteria to help you select the most suitable one. Given that there may be a lot of characteristics that you may consider, but don’t panic yourself with too much information and less important. The broker search function is friendly designed with key information for your consideration.



After studying the forex market for a while, you have already gained a considerable amount of knowledge about it and the available brokers, but have you decided which one so you can create an account and start trading. The broker comparison function will help to on this with all key criteria. They including the welcome bonus, deposits, leverage, scalping, withdrawal. You can absolutely base on this to choose the most suitable broker with you.



Let us ask you a question: do you see a lot of results after searching “forex trading”, “how to trade forex” or “which forex broker should I choose”? We faced the same situation before and actually got stuck for a while then became frustrated. We don’t want you to get in the same circumstance. That’s why we are consolidating the forex market and trading knowledge in a simple way with clear examples to make sure you fully understand. Before trading, let’s digest this part carefully and equip yourself confidently. You can get start with some basic knowledge such as what is forex market, pip, spread, leverage, scalping…



If you reach into this part, you might already be on the trading journey. Don’t stop you with the knowledge you gained during your study before creating a trading account, do continuously upgrade yourself with up-to-date trading knowledge and gain profits by your own ways. We also shared some real case studies we oversee on the market to help you have live experience. But we also await one day you can share back to us with your own case. Let’s share together.



Globally we have a lot of brokers who have different ways to attract their traders. In the campaign update tab, we will consolidate and review all possible information and highlight their outstanding points to help you stay up to date and have better trading strategy every day. Most of the times, they have very attractive rewards for top traders in certain campaign, so dont miss out this part to gain extra beyond what you earn from your daily trading.


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